"Thank you for such a wonderful LIFEdance! session. Dancing has been integral to my healing process - a process which began with LIFEdance! almost a whole year ago! Thank you for your marvellous leadership and a truly joyful dancing life experience. I'm so glad to have been there!!!! "

Lily Defriend U.K.

"LIFEdance! enabled me to connect with my feelings and gain greater clarity on a range of issues that were on my mind. "

Abdul Hassan

"The eyes-closed process was very powerful. It felt a bit like being under the sea (or as I reflected afterwards, perhaps even a little like a womb - there was certainly a sense of some new quality giving birth). The session also seemed to move me into a process of "being in the flow" which lasted for some weeks, and which took me to some new places, energy/spirit-wise. "

Felicity Richardson

"I believe that I have become a much more effective leader by really living my own values rather than trying to live to those imposed by others."

boas integrated coaching partnership™ participant

"I believe that my career is now far more sustainable, a benefit for both myself and the corporation "

Executive board member, US multinational Participant
in a boas integrated coaching partnership™



"Your teaching was so clear and precise and spacious, thank you! You give a space which is held so clearly that within it there is a huge freedom. Thank you!! "

Susannah Darling Khan

"Everyone's willingness to share ideas, experiences and provide feedback to me personally, allowed me grow as a leader and human being."

Ed Shigley
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC

"The LIFEdance! experience was a perfect spring tonic - Sara's skillful guidance in movement and reflection stimulated the deep, rich, joy-filled roots of my being, bringing a felt sense of my radiance. "

Seleyn DeYarus

"I am profoundly impressed with Sara Boas' multi-faceted ability to contribute to my self-awareness and my relationship with the world around me. She has so many channels of perception, managed with masterful empathy and clarity. LIFEdance! makes an important difference to my life. "

Godfrey Spencer

"The programme was very stimulating and relevant to my work. "

Dr. Raj Murthi MRCGP
General Practitioner of Medicine
National Health Service (UK)