"Working with Sara had a large impact on my practice. It certainly increased my mindfulness of my clients' internal and external states. It has encouraged me to look at how I use my own body and physical presence in working with people. Having witnessed the changes that the group supported people to make, it has also increased my belief in the great value of this kind of work. "

Gemma Dorer
Senior Occupational Therapist
National Health Service

"At first I felt a little timid dancing in the LIFEdance! circle, but then something shifted as I took my space and allowed myself to be seen. This was a powerful experience that I draw on in my everyday life. "

Anna Colbuski

"I have learned that stress is not a helpful contributer to problem solving! "
Executive board member, US multinational
"Everyone's willingness to share ideas, experiences and provide feedback to me personally, allowed me grow as a leader and human being."

Ed Shigley
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC

"The LIFEdance! experience was a perfect spring tonic - Sara's skillful guidance in movement and reflection stimulated the deep, rich, joy-filled roots of my being, bringing a felt sense of my radiance. "

Seleyn DeYarus

"Intriguing, fun and playful... "

Hilary Dobson

"I believe that I have become a much more effective leader by really living my own values rather than trying to live to those imposed by others."

boas integrated coaching partnership™ participant

"Your teaching was so clear and precise and spacious, thank you! You give a space which is held so clearly that within it there is a huge freedom. Thank you!! "

Susannah Darling Khan

"The boas coaching has helped me to become a better and more open leader, making me more aware of how others see me and ready to adapt my leadership style accordingly."
Maggie Morrison Managing Director, Netherlands Cisco Systems
"I am profoundly impressed with Sara Boas' multi-faceted ability to contribute to my self-awareness and my relationship with the world around me. She has so many channels of perception, managed with masterful empathy and clarity. LIFEdance! makes an important difference to my life. "

Godfrey Spencer