Sara Boas

Sara Boas is the Founding Director of boas. As the principal coach, creator of the boas tools for transformation™ and the director of training for the boas professional coach certification™, she has been raising global standards of leadership and holistic engagement since 1987.

Through the depth and artistry of her work, she has gained the trust of outstanding individuals and organisations worldwide. She maintains a clear focus on uniting stakeholder value and core human values, and is recognised as a catalyst for lifelong personal and corporate transformation.

As well as being an experienced consultant working at the heart of our client’s businesses, and a member of the associate faculty at centres of excellence including the London Business School, Sara is an accredited mediator and an expert in bodymind integration, neuro-linguistic programming and movement observation.

Her work draws on the disciplines of psychology, anthropology, organisational behaviour, somatics and philosophy of science. Other sources include her lifelong involvement in dance, physical theatre, yoga and martial arts, as well as diverse wisdom traditions and her love of wild nature.

She is highly sought after as a thought leader and change agent, and is a recipient of the Leadership Gurus Award of Excellence. This award is bestowed upon individuals who have attained the recognition of their peers and the general public for the originality, practicality and impact of their ideas, and for their visionary leadership.