Upcoming open programmes

boas programmes include formal courses and workshops and custom designed in-house programmes. To discuss an in-house programme for your business please contact Sara Boas.

For professional coaches and consultants:

  • boas professional coach certification™ is a nine-month development programme for professional coaches, leading to certification in the via™ coaching process. Through interactive learning guided by Sara Boas and distinguished guest faculty, the programme explores essential themes in leadership coaching, including coaching across cultures, non-verbal communication, the use of coaching in team and organisational development and integration of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels of leadership


For leaders:

  • transcultural competence™ provides a clear framework for leading effectively across cultural boundaries, identifying hidden obstacles and enabling diverse people to accomplish common goals.
  • accord™ negotiation  is a step-by-step guide to negotiation, which balances short term success with long term objectives, and creates a cycle of continuous learning-by-doing.
  • elemental leadership™ draws on four symbolic elements - air, earth, fire and water - to awaken the full range of leadership qualities, supporting a balance of leadership strengths.  
  • Be the Change™ is a one-day workshop offered by Sara Boas and Robert Dilts, co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The workshop provides the vital link between leading self, leading others and leading change. You will experience how expanding your sense of self can empower you to make a positive difference in the lives of people around you. Register your interest.
  • The boas Be the Change Series is a forum for exploring and applying the ideas at the forefront of leadership and change. Sara Boas, Robert Dilts, and an outstanding guest faculty share their insights and facilitate in-depth discussion in a relaxed and intimate environment. If you are ready for a leading role in co-creating the world community, read more or register your interest now!