Expert support for professional coaches

Our coach training: boas professional coach certification - boas pcc™

boas pcc™ is our advanced development programme for professional coaches. Asan experienced coach, seeking a recognised qualification and ready for transformational learning and growth, the boas pcc™ may be your next step. Read more or apply now.

Supervision for professional coaches - boas metavision™

boas provides expert supervision for professional coaches and consultants. This service, which we call metavision™, is available for coaches at all stages. Whether you are a manager making your first steps in coaching, the owner of an established professional practice, or a world renowned coaching authority, boas metavision™ provides a confidential dialogue to support your continuing growth. Read more or book your session.

Mentor coaching and preparation for coaching credentials

Our metavision™service can provide expert guidance and fulfil your mentor coaching requirements, as you prepare to apply for credentials with the International Coach Federation or other coach credentialing bodies. 

Read more or book your session.