boas professional coach certification™ faculty

Sara Boas is the Founding Director of boas and the director of training for the boas professional coach certification™. Her via™ coaching model forms part of a full set of tools for transformation which are used to transform leadership in business, the public sector, research institutions, NGOs and the arts. She has coached and taught leaders from over 60 countries and is a regular speaker and member of the associate faculty at the London Business School, the Center for Creative Leadership, the Université Libre de Bruxelles and other providers of leadership education. At the heart of Sara’s work is her commitment to honest, creative dialogue. She accompanies and guides individuals with international leadership responsibilities as they learn how to survive their success and grow to the next level of impact and fulfilment. Sara’s work combines insights and methods from psychology, anthropology, organizational behaviour, neuro-linguistic programming, movement observation and philosophy of science. Other sources include dance, yoga and martial arts. Her work is shaped by diverse wisdom traditions and her love of wild nature.

Anneliese Monden is an experienced business consultant and executive coach. She works mainly in Europe, although she has also worked with companies in the United States, Asia and the Middle East. Anneliese specializes in individual coaching, and has extensive experience in course design and training and facilitation of groups in leadership development, coaching skills and change processes. 

Deborah Price is a former barrister with 25 years of experience as an executive in both large corporates (Chappell International, CBS Songs, Virgin and BMG) and SMEs (Hit & Run Music, The Performance Partnership). Together with her 10 years' experience in the field of personal development, this has given Deborah a sound understanding of learning and development theories, combined with a practical ‘hands on’ approach. Building on her own breadth of coaching credentials and qualifications, she is currently Director of Credentialing & Ethics at the International Coach Federation, UK.

Programme Assistants

Graduates of the programme have the option to continue their own coach development through their presence as assistants in the programme. Programme assistants do not teach or provide formal feedback, but they themselves receive feedback from the programme faculty.

Guest faculty

Past guests have included Robert Dilts, co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Susannah Darling Kahn, co-director of the ‘School of Movement Medecine’; Philippe Rosinski, author of ‘Coaching Across Cultures’, Nonviolent Communication expert Godfrey Spencer, and Josie Fenton, creator of Lodestone’s nature-based coaching.