Benefits offered by boas professional coach certification™

boas professional coach certification™ will benefit you, your organization, and your coaches.

Your benefits:

  • Strengthen professional expertise and credibility
  • Discover and refine own coaching style and preferences
  • Join a community of world-class coaches
  • Learn, apply, reflect on and combine new methods
  • Explore and integrate intellectual, artistic and intuitive learning styles
  • Invest time to explore themes in depth
  • Develop generic skills applicable to wide range of coaching contexts
  • Experience dance, music, rhythm and voice work in your learning
  • Develop core skills for movement observation and well-crafted questions
  • Enhance self-confidence and market awareness
  • Network and share experience with peers
  • Discounted metavision™ - boas approach to professional coach supervision

Organization benefits

  • Gain access to a pool of skilled coaches with a common approach
  • Nurture a culture of feedback and creative dialogue in the workplace
  • Raise awareness of cultural differences and non-verbal communication
  • Benefit from immediate application of new learning on the job
  • Raise the quality standards of the organization’s leadership coaching
  • Benefit from quality assurance through our rigorous assessment Improve talent retention through a deeper understanding of human needs
  • Develop leadership coaching capacity that addresses the whole person
  • Learn from the most advanced applications across different industries
  • Discover how to integrate coaching with organizational processes
  • Purchase ongoing coaching supervision at competitive rates
  • Gain access to innovative tools and processes

Future coachee benefits:

  •   Align individual and shared goals
  •   Renew motivation and focus
  •   Clarify personal and professional purpose
  •   Improve life balance
  •   Integrate personal and professional roles
  •   Increase vitality and flow of energy
  •   Enhance ethical congruence
  •   Engage the thinking body
  •   Sharpen decision-making
  •   Gain new awareness of the transforming potential of leadership

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